Meals on Wheels Central Coast Limited is committed to delivering more than just a meal, but a friendly support service and chance for social inclusion to members of the Central Coast community. We are a community non-profit organisation which provides a friendly and convenient meal delivery and social support service to members of the Central Coast community. We cater to elderly and frail people as well younger people and their carers living at home. Meals on Wheels Central Coast is managed by paid staff and overseen by a community based volunteer Committee. We have approximately 250 volunteers, 15 paid staff, over 700 clients and deliver around 15,000 meals a month, making us the second largest Meals on Wheels organisation in New South Wales.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and the NSW Government. Visit the Department of Health website (www.health.gov.au) and the Department of Family and Community Services (www.facs.nsw.gov.au) for more information.

We are a member of the NSW Meals on Wheels Association.


Meals on Wheels Central Coast is proudly supported by:

One Direct Advisory Pty Ltd

A wholly owned subsidiary of Meals on Wheels Central Coast, One Direct Advisory’s team members extensive knowledge will support your team to move into the future.

Their skilled consultants can assist you with a diverse range of advice including strategic, financial, structural and governance.

For further information, or to book a consultation, visit www.onedirectadvisory.com.au

Combined Home Services

Combined Home Services offers a wide range of in-home services, from housekeeping, decluttering and lawn maintenance, to physiotherapy and IT assistance. Available to anyone on the NSW Central Coast, our services are delivered by local professionals who are all experts in their industries.

No matter what you need done around the home, you can rely on Combined Home Services to deliver a quality, cost-effective service every time. For more information please call 4357 8478 or visit www.combinedhomeservices.com.au