Meals on Wheels Central Coast Plans for the Future

Meals on Wheels Central Coast is planning for the future, with initiatives in the pipeline to help this iconic brand continue its vital services to the local community for years to come.

One such initiative is the formation of One Direct Advisory Pty Ltd. A wholly owned subsidiary of Meals on Wheels Central Coast, One Direct Advisory will provide its services to organisations offering its advisors’ extensive knowledge to steer them through the new business environment that is evolving.

Offering advice to small to medium businesses in the not for profit and for profit sectors, the eight advisors in One Direct Advisory will use their skills gained through years of experience to cover mergers and amalgamation, governance advice, business and financial analysis, corporate and finance structures and marketing and business plans. One Direct Advisory’s clients will gain professional advice at a much lower cost than their competitors.

“This is a significant initiative for Meals on Wheels Central Coast,” said Dennis Taylor, Chief Executive Officer.

“We need to plan for our future to ensure that we can continue our good work in the community, and One Direct Advisory will help serve that purpose.

“By providing their services on a pro bono basis to One Direct Advisory, their team members are ultimately benefiting Meals on Wheels Central Coast.”

One Direct Advisory will provide a free initial consultation to fully understand the requirements and needs of individual projects, working out a schedule to cost effectively assist small and medium sized businesses. The team members of One Direct Advisory are focused on the future, to assist organisations move ahead in times of change.

One Direct Advisory has now been launched, and consultation appointments can be made via www.onedirectadvisory.com.au

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