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      Tropical PavlovaLS

      Traditional pavlova with a tropical twist

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      Sticky Date Pudding

      Sweet and sticky date pudding served with caramel sauce

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      Blueberry Sponge Crumble

      Layers of stewed blueberries, sponge cake and custard topped with oat crumble

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      Strawberry Baked Cheesecake

      A delicious cheesecake baked with seasonal strawberries and a crunchy biscuit base.

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      Apple & Cinnamon Pudding

      Lovers of comfort food will delight in this baked sponge classic made with seasonal apples and a sprinkle of cinnamon with ample custard to help soak up every golden morsel.

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      Caramel Pudding with CustardLS

      An irresistible baked caramel dessert, blanketed with delicious caramel sauce and served with plenty of homestyle vanilla custard.

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      Carrot Cake

      Moist carrot cake with cream cheese icing and a sprinkle of walnuts

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      Apple & Rhubarb CrumbleLS

      Stewed apple and rhubarb on a shortbread base, topped with crumble and served with custard

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      Banana Cake

      Moist banana cake with a cream cheese  icing

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      Stewed Apple and CustardLF / LS

      Stewed apples served with a creamy custard

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      Peaches & CustardLF / LS

      Peaches set in jelly and topped with custard

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      Creamed Rice & ApricotsGF / LS

      Creamed rice served with apricots

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      Apple Pie & CreamLS

      Traditional apple pie in a buttery pastry, served with cream

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      Fruit SaladGF / LF / LS

      A delicious assortment of stewed fruit served on its own

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      Bread & Butter Pudding

      Sliced bread, buttered and baked in egg custard with sultanas

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      Chocolate MousseGF / LF / LS

      Indulge in this rich chocolate mousse

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      Vanilla Ice-Cream CupGF / LS

      Creamy vanilla ice cream served in a handy cup

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      Strawberry Ice Cream CupGF / LS

      Delicious strawberry flavoured icecream in a handy cup

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      Apricot PieLS

      Delicious apricot pie with a buttery pastry

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      Impossible Coconut PieLS

      Impossible Coconut Pie served with an assortment of fruit

    Dietary Key

    LF - Low Fat

    LS - Low Salt

    GF - Gluten Free

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