Chicken Main Meals

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      Chicken & Asparagus MornayLS

      Chicken and asparagus cooked in a creamy mornay sauce and served with mixed vegetables

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      Chicken & Vegetable PieLF / LS

      Chicken and vegetables in a puff pasty pie, served with mixed vegetables

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      Butter ChickenGF

      Authentic butter chicken in a mildly spiced creamy curry sauce, served with rice.

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      Aromatic Satay ChickenGF

      Chicken cooked in a lightly spiced peanut and coconut sauce, served with capsicum bean mix and rice.

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      Chicken ParmigianaGF

      Crumbed chicken with layers of Napoletana sauce, ham & mozzarella with wedges & broccoli.

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      Hearty Roast Chicken

      Tender roast chicken, served with gravy, roast potatoes, vegetables and a stuffing muffin.

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      Honey Mustard Chicken

      Chicken simmered in honey and wholegrain mustard sauce, served with roast potatoes and vegetables.

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      Honey & Soy Chicken

      Sliced chicken in a honey soy sauce on a bed of rice and vegetables

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      Rosemary ChickenGF

      Chicken marinated in rosemary, lemon and mustard, served with roast potato, baby carrots and beans

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      Lemon ChickenGF

      Lemon chicken served with mashed potato and jardin vegetable mix

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      Chicken ChowmeinLF

      Crunchy egg noodles with chicken pieces and Chinese vegetables

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      Chicken CacciatoreGF / LS

      Classic Italian slow cooked chicken, served with rice, pumpkin and broccoli

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      Chicken Rissole & GravyGF / LF / LS

      Minced chicken rissoles with gravy, served with seasonal vegetables

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      Chicken & Mushroom Potato PieGF

      Chicken and mushroom potato pie with pumpkin and mixed vegetables

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      Roast Turkey

      Roast Turkey served with seasonal vegetables

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      Christmas Turkey Dinner

      Roast Turkey with Gravy, Roast Potatoes, Vegetables and Cranberry Sauce.

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      Butter Chicken with Freekeh Ancient Grain Mix

      Traditional Butter Chicken topped with white chia seeds, served with an ancient grain mix of teff, freekeh, pearl barley and quinoa, served with spinach, broccoli and orange and yellow carrot.

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      Chicken Porcini Mushroom and Truffle RisottoLF

      Tender chicken and porcini mushroom with black barley, pearly barley and brown rice risotto infused with truffle oil.

      Served with roasted sweet potato, broccoli and kale

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      Lemon Tahini Hummus Chicken with Red Quinoa & Vegetable MixLF

      Succulent pieces of chicken breast covered with lemon tahini hummus, lightly sprinkled with nigella seeds.

      Served on a bed of red quinoa, brown rice and vegetables, with sides of roasted pumpkin and spinach and green bean mix.

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      Super Nut Satay Chicken with Quinoa, Chickpea and Wild Rice MixLF

      Delicious chicken in a satay Super Nut cashew and brazil nut sauce, topped with goji berries & pepita seeds.

      Served on a chickpea, quinoa and wild rice mix with a side of purple cabbage, broccoli and yellow and green bean mix.

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      Teriyaki Chicken with Tri-Rice Blend and Seaweed and Edamame MixLF

      Tender chicken cooked in a teriyaki and shiitake mushroom sauce topped with white chia seeds.

      Served with a blend of brown, white sushi and black forbidden rice and a side of seaweed and edamame bean mix.

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      Chicken Pad Thai with Rice NoodlesLF

      Tender, slow cooked chicken pieces in a Thai inspired sauce with mesquite, served with rice noodles mixed with bean shoots, spinach, capsicum, egg and edamame beans, topped with pepita seeds.

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      Middle Eastern Chicken with Quinoa TabboulehLF

      Slow cooked chicken with a Middle Eastern inspired sauce, flavoured with aromatic spices, chickpeas, tomatoes, apricots and goji berries.

      Served with a lightly dressed quinoa tabbouleh with spinach.

    Dietary Key

    LF - Low Fat

    LS - Low Salt

    GF - Gluten Free

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