Lamb Main Meals

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      Lamb & Cauliflower CasseroleGF / LF / LS

      Slow cooked lamb with cauliflower, served with rice, diced carrot and beans

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      Irish Lamb StewGF

      A hearty lamb stew served with mashed potato and mixed vegetables

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      Lamb CurryGF

      Add a little spice to your life with this lamb curry served with rice and vegetables.  (This curry is spicy).

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      Hearty Lamb CasseroleGF / LF / LS

      This hearty lean diced lamb and vegetable casserole is bound to please.  Served with seasonal vegetables.

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      Shepherd’s PieGF / LF / LS

      Traditional minced lamb pie, topped with mashed potato and served with mixed vegetables

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      Roast Lamb with GravyGF

      Oven roast lamb served with roast potato, mixed vegetables and mint flavoured gravy

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      Roast Lamb with Gravy & Baked PotatoGF


      Try our roast lamb with home made gravy and mashed potato and discover how easy it is to prepare your very own roast!  So simple, so delicious.

      This product is Gluten and Dairy Free.

    Dietary Key

    LF - Low Fat

    LS - Low Salt

    GF - Gluten Free

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