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Premium Meals

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      Beef & Bacon CasseroleGF / LS

      Braised beef and bacon casserole served with mixed vegetables.

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      Vienna Schnitzel

      Flash fried veal coated in bread crumbs and served with gravy and mixed vegetables

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      Veal ParmigianaGF / LF

      Veal steak topped with a napolitana sauce and cheese, served with mashed potato and mixed vegetables

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      Corned Silverside with Parsley SauceGF / LF

      Silverside with soft parsley sauce, served with mixed vegetables

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      Mongolian LambLF

      Marinated lamb served with rice and mixed vegetables

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      Lamb ChopGF / LS

      Traditional lamb chop served with gravy and mixed vegetables

    Dietary Key

    LF - Low Fat

    LS - Low Salt

    GF - Gluten Free