Precautionary Recall of Selected Flagstaff Fine Food Products

Monday 23 September, 2019


Meals on Wheels Central Coast Ltd was advised last Friday by Flagstaff Fine Foods, one of our five frozen meal suppliers, that one ingredient used in their food preparation could possibly be contaminated.

We have used Flagstaff for a number of years and we can assure you that this notification is unusual, and resulted from food ingredients supplied to them by another party being of suspect quality.

Flagstaff Foods in their advice to us state, and I quote, “that they have had zero reports of sickness, illness or clients feeling unwell after consuming this product”. We have been provided with the batch numbers of the suspect meals, which has allowed us to easily identify the specific meals of concern.

We have moved quickly to remove the Flagstaff meals off our shelves and have advised any client that could potentially be affected last Friday, with replacement of any meal necessary.

There have been no deliveries of the suspect Flagstaff Meals following the advice on Friday and we are thankful for the Flagstaff quality control, to detect a potential problem before their meals had been delivered.

If you have not been contacted by our Management, then you can believe that any meal in your freezer was before this recent incident, which is an isolated one, and your meals are safe to eat.

Please be assured that we have the best interests of our clients safety and health in mind, and this is consistent with our corporate values of transparency, responsiveness and with a commitment to enhancing our client’s lives.

If you have concerns about any meals you hold in your freezer, please contact our Chief Executive Officer Dennis Taylor on 4357 8444.

Ron Thomsen, Board Chair


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