Sweet Collaborations

Every Friday at Evergreen Life Care’s Community Centre, a group gathers in the function room. As attendees of Meals on Wheels Central Coast’s Community Restaurant, they are treated to a delicious hot meal and dessert, before playing games such as bingo and trivia.

The Community Restaurants are an important aspect of the work that Meals on Wheels Central Coast do in the local community and the provision of a healthy, well balanced meal forms an essential part of this social activity.

Following a hot main meal, patrons are treated to a homemade dessert, created by owner of The Sandpiper, a café located within the Evergreen Life Care Community Centre. Wandid Young, from the Wadi Wadi tribe of the Yuin Nation on the South Coast, has lived on the Central Coast for 35 years, and is not only actively involved in the local Indigenous community, but she has enjoyed serving up her treats to the community for the last couple of years from her Café.

Knowing what the Meals on Wheels Central Coast clients enjoy is at the front of Wandid’s mind. Only serving up food that she knows is delicious, Wandid has also introduced some native herbs to her cooking, giving the Community Restaurant attendees a taste of her culture.

“The customers at the Community Restaurant thank me for the desserts on their way out. During my time at The Sandpiper I’ve served up Wattle Seed based Cheesecake and Anise Myrtle Polenta Cake and everyone enjoys the subtle flavours in them”, said Wandid.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast and Wandid work together in The Sandpiper Cafe every Friday, Wandid allowing the Community Restaurant to do meal preparation whilst she works alongside them. The arrangement has suited them both well, and with Wandid now serving up desserts to accompany the meals, they both look forward to further developing their relationship.

“We are pleased to have built up a relationship with Wandid Young, the owner of The Sandpiper” said Dennis Taylor, CEO of Meals on Wheels Central Coast.

“Our aim is to provide a nutritious and well balanced meal to our Community Restaurant customers, and Wandid’s produce has added extra value to this important social program.

“We look forward to working with Wandid and Evergreen Life Care in the future to further cement our working relationship”, Mr Taylor said.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast run 4 Community Restaurants a week. The Community Restaurant at Evergreen Life Care at West Gosford is held on Fridays between 10am and 2pm, with additional Community Restaurants being held at Bateau Bay on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 2pm, and Woy Woy on Tuesdays between 9.30 and 1.30pm.

For further information on the Community Restaurants, please contact Meals on Wheels Central Coast on 4357 8444 or email admin@ccmow.com.au

From L to R: Pip Wilson, Marketing Officer MOWCC; Wandid Young, The Sandpiper; Dennis Taylor, CEO – MOWCC


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