Sweet Collaborations

Every Friday at Evergreen Life Care’s Community Centre, a group gathers in the function room. As attendees of Meals on Wheels Central Coast’s Community Restaurant, they are treated to a delicious hot meal and dessert, before playing games such as bingo and trivia.

The Community Restaurants are an important aspect of the work that Meals on Wheels Central Coast do in the local community and the provision of a healthy, well balanced meal forms an essential part of this social activity.

Following a hot main meal, patrons are treated to a homemade dessert, created by owner of The Sandpiper, a café located within the Evergreen Life Care Community Centre. Wandid Young, from the Wadi Wadi tribe of the Yuin Nation on the South Coast, has lived on the Central Coast for 35 years, and is not only actively involved in the local Indigenous community, but she has enjoyed serving up her treats to the community for the last couple of years from her Café.

Knowing what the Meals on Wheels Central Coast clients enjoy is at the front of Wandid’s mind. Only serving up food that she knows is delicious, Wandid has also introduced some native herbs to her cooking, giving the Community Restaurant attendees a taste of her culture.

“The customers at the Community Restaurant thank me for the desserts on their way out. During my time at The Sandpiper I’ve served up Wattle Seed based Cheesecake and Anise Myrtle Polenta Cake and everyone enjoys the subtle flavours in them”, said Wandid.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast and Wandid work together in The Sandpiper Cafe every Friday, Wandid allowing the Community Restaurant to do meal preparation whilst she works alongside them. The arrangement has suited them both well, and with Wandid now serving up desserts to accompany the meals, they both look forward to further developing their relationship.

“We are pleased to have built up a relationship with Wandid Young, the owner of The Sandpiper” said Dennis Taylor, CEO of Meals on Wheels Central Coast.

“Our aim is to provide a nutritious and well balanced meal to our Community Restaurant customers, and Wandid’s produce has added extra value to this important social program.

“We look forward to working with Wandid and Evergreen Life Care in the future to further cement our working relationship”, Mr Taylor said.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast run 4 Community Restaurants a week. The Community Restaurant at Evergreen Life Care at West Gosford is held on Fridays between 10am and 2pm, with additional Community Restaurants being held at Bateau Bay on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 10am and 2pm, and Woy Woy on Tuesdays between 9.30 and 1.30pm.

For further information on the Community Restaurants, please contact Meals on Wheels Central Coast on 4357 8444 or email admin@ccmow.com.au

From L to R: Pip Wilson, Marketing Officer MOWCC; Wandid Young, The Sandpiper; Dennis Taylor, CEO – MOWCC


Collaboration is the key to youth initiatives

Thank you to Emma McBride MP, Federal Member for Dobell, and Councillor Jillian Hogan from Central Coast Council for visiting us today. We are excited about collaborating together on youth volunteering initiatives for our community. 

From L to R: Pip Wilson and Ashleigh Rudder from Meals on Wheels Central Coast, Councillor Jillian Hogan, Emma McBride MP and Natalie Jenkins, Director, Meals on Wheels Central Coast Board of Governance.

Christmas Closure

Energy Savings Making a Difference

We are grateful to the NSW Business Chamber for shooting this video at our Community Restaurant at West Gosford.

With energy savings of $11,000, we are able to serve up an extra 3,000 meals per year.


Business Chamber helps cut energy costs

Thanks to the NSW Business Chamber and their energy savings comparison tool, we are able to serve up more meals to our community.

Take a look at this article that appeared in the Central Coast Express Advocate on Thursday 30 August 2018.  Thanks to our volunteer Glennis who appears in this photo.

Coast Cuisine Comes to the Table

Commuters, working parents, single people, shift workers, baby boomers … there are so many busy Coasties who can use a hand when it comes to dinner time. This is what local company Coast Cuisine had in mind when they launched their range of convenient meals this week.

Developed to support the iconic brand that is Meals on Wheels Central Coast, Coast Cuisine brings to the table an array of gourmet style products, aiming to make Coasties lives a little easier with their readymade frozen meals.

“Coast Cuisine came about after a group of Coasties got together and contemplated how they could make life easier for people just like them,” said Dennis Taylor, Head of Operations at Coast Cuisine.

“Many of the Coast Cuisine team lead busy lives themselves, and that, coupled with their experience in the food industry puts them in a very good place to meet the needs of the local community.”

The Coast Cuisine team is excited about the range of products that they will be offering, ensuring that wherever possible local and Australia wide produce has been used.  All meals are frozen and will be delivered directly to clients doorsteps, with an option also available to pick up orders from the Tuggerah premises.

“The product Coast Cuisine is presenting is big on taste yet still affordable and competitive.  With the added factor that all Coast Cuisine sales support Meals on Wheels Central Coast, we are sure that the local community will get behind us and give our products a go” Mr Taylor said.

For more information about Coast Cuisine and the array of meals on offer, go to www.coastcuisine.com.au


Meals on Wheels Central Coast Plans for the Future

Meals on Wheels Central Coast is planning for the future, with initiatives in the pipeline to help this iconic brand continue its vital services to the local community for years to come.

One such initiative is the formation of One Direct Advisory Pty Ltd. A wholly owned subsidiary of Meals on Wheels Central Coast, One Direct Advisory will provide its services to organisations offering its advisors’ extensive knowledge to steer them through the new business environment that is evolving.

Offering advice to small to medium businesses in the not for profit and for profit sectors, the eight advisors in One Direct Advisory will use their skills gained through years of experience to cover mergers and amalgamation, governance advice, business and financial analysis, corporate and finance structures and marketing and business plans. One Direct Advisory’s clients will gain professional advice at a much lower cost than their competitors.

“This is a significant initiative for Meals on Wheels Central Coast,” said Dennis Taylor, Chief Executive Officer.

“We need to plan for our future to ensure that we can continue our good work in the community, and One Direct Advisory will help serve that purpose.

“By providing their services on a pro bono basis to One Direct Advisory, their team members are ultimately benefiting Meals on Wheels Central Coast.”

One Direct Advisory will provide a free initial consultation to fully understand the requirements and needs of individual projects, working out a schedule to cost effectively assist small and medium sized businesses. The team members of One Direct Advisory are focused on the future, to assist organisations move ahead in times of change.

One Direct Advisory has now been launched, and consultation appointments can be made via www.onedirectadvisory.com.au

Visitors from MARS

On Friday 13 July we were extremely lucky to participate in the MARS Foodgroup’s corporate volunteer day.  Our corporate volunteers were able to go out on meal delivery runs and visit clients, being shown the ropes by our existing volunteers.

We thank the MARS Foodgroup for their willing volunteers, and for helping to bring some extra joy to our clients.


Many hands make light work for our devoted team

When it comes to helping hands, Meals on Wheels Central Coast has around 280 pairs of them. Boasting one of the largest volunteer forces in the region, Meals on Wheels Central Coast has a proud tradition of volunteering that exceeds 50 years.Since their establishment in 1967, Meals on Wheels Central Coast has utilised the assistance of local residents, who willingly give up their time to help others in their community.

Volunteers are the life force of the Meals on Wheels Central Coast organisation. Performing numerous roles, the volunteers form an important social support network for many of our community members. Volunteers can be seen hand delivering meals to clients four days per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday), and can be recognised by their fluorescent vests and distinctive silver eskies. Each month over 530 clients receive personal meal deliveries from volunteers, who are always ready with a smile, and for a chat.

Unfortunately, a number of Meals on Wheels Central Coast clients are socially isolated, and a visit from a volunteer can not only provide much needed social interaction, but also provide a welfare check of sorts. Volunteers will happily take the meals into a client’s home, place these into the freezer for them, checking at the same time that meals are being eaten and there is enough storage room for them.

Another avenue where volunteers assist Meals on Wheel Central Coast is in the Community Restaurants where clients can enjoy a hot meal along with bingo and entertainment. Held at Bateau Bay, Woy Woy and West Gosford, the Community Restaurants are an ideal opportunity for clients to gather and enjoy a social outing, with transport able to be organised to and from the venues. Serving up meals, calling bingo numbers, assisting with set up and cleaning up after lunch, the volunteers help the smooth running of this essential service.

As part of Meals on Wheels Flexible Foods Program, volunteers provide one on one shopping assistance to clients. This invaluable program is in high demand and as such volunteers are currently being sought to assist on the Central Coast Peninsula. A program tailored specifically for men, Plates for Mates is an important social aspect in some Meals on Wheels Central Coast clients’ lives.

Led by a volunteer, male clients meet monthly at Ettalong to enjoy lunch and a blokey chat. Due to their constant contact with clients, some volunteers have formed close bonds with clients, going the extra mile to help brighten their lives.

The volunteer team is why Meals on Wheels Central Coast can offer the services that they do. The term ‘many hands make light work’ certainly applies to this organisation, with many volunteers having served loyally for a number of years.

Volunteers are currently needed for Community Restaurants, and for the Flexible Foods Program on the Peninsula. For more information, please contact Meals on Wheels Central Coast on 4357 8444.


Client Survey Results

A client survey was recently sent out to our Meals on Wheels Central Coast clients to help us determine how we can improve the services we offer to our local community.

The results are in, and we are extremely happy to report that our ‘more than just a meal’ tag line rings true with our clients.

Social interaction and support ranked highly with our clients, for both those who receive meal deliveries, and those who visit our Community Restaurants.  Our Community Restaurants offer not only a hot meal, but also a social outing for our clients who are able to interact with their peers and enjoy an entertaining day out.

For those clients who receive meal deliveries, our volunteers are able to offer them social interaction via means of a smile and a chat, as well as putting away their meals and ensuring that they are eating correctly.

The convenience of our frozen meals is also of great importance to our clients, as many of them no longer prepare their own food.

With our portion sizes being deemed by most as ‘just right’, and the service of our staff being highly praised, Meals on Wheels Central Coast are certainly delivering ‘more than just a meal’.