Food for Firies

We love being able to support our community, and this morning we dropped off some meals to the Gosford RFS Catering Unit at Kariong. We appreciate all that you do, and are so glad that we could help in some small way to make catering to the amazing RFS team a little easier.

Thanks Captain Gail, Liz, Christine and Lyn for showing us around. We especially loved meeting ‘Dotti’, your converted Arnotts catering truck!

RFS members Captain Gail Simpson, Christine, Liz and Lyn, with Dave and Dennis Taylor, MOWCC CEO




The lovely RFS catering ladies with Pip, MOWCC Marketing Manager, and Dotti, the Catering truck


Dotti, the beloved catering truck

Dave and Dennis in Dotti, the valued catering truck









Collegial Associations Strengthen Community Relationships

Collegial partnerships are alive and well on the Central Coast, with supportive relationships being formed between three companies – One Direct Advisory, Kariong Neighbourhood Centre and Meals on Wheels Central Coast.  One Direct Advisory has worked with the management teams in both companies to help improve the management systems and strategic direction.

Working as part of the Kariong Neighbourhood Centre team, One Direct Advisory used their skill and expertise in a range of areas, resulting in a significant financial and operational turnaround for the community based association.

Shayne Silvers, General Manager of Kariong Neighbourhood Centre, welcomed the guidance of the specialised advisory team.

“Working as part of our team, One Direct Advisory supported our Centre in both financial and operational areas resulting in a positive change,” she said.

“We are grateful for the collegial partnerships we have formed with both One Direct Advisory and Meals on Wheels Central Coast.

“It’s encouraging to see businesses working together for the greater good of the community on the Central Coast. “ Ms Silvers said.

For more information on One Direct Advisory, please contact Ron Thomsen at info@onedirectadvisory.com.au 

Community Friends Supporting a Great Cause

Meals on Wheels Central Coast are proud to assist Bungree Aboriginal Association’s fundraising for the McGrath Foundation.

Pictured here are team members Aaron, Leesa, Pip and CEO Dennis Taylor, sporting some of the merchandise.

If you’d like to look as stylish as our team members and raise money for a great cause, contact the Bungree office where merchandise is still available. For further enquiries contact Suzanne.Naden@bungree.org.au or call 4350 0100.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast team members, Aaron, Leesa, Pip and CEO Dennis Taylor





Recruiting General Board Member

We are currently looking to recruit a new Director to our Board of Governance.

Role: General Board Member
Area of Expertise Being Sought: Business, Change Management, Consulting, Strategy & Development, Ethics, Information & Communication Technology, Governance Experience
Payment: Nil – honorary role

After conducting a Board skills audit, Meals on Wheels Central Coast is seeking an experienced general Board Director to add to the existing Board complement of 6 Directors. Board succession planning indicates that a retirement, under our Constitution, will occur next year and we seek to meet this event by recruiting now.

We have recently completed an annual edition to our Strategic Plan, which will require a person who can embrace change, assist in our expansion plans, and has General business experience to monitor the increasingly diverse activities of MOWCC. In acknowledging the responsibilities of a Board Director, and with Governance as the main emphasis of the role, a person with past Board experience and Board Governance Training will be highly regarded.

Annual Budget: more than $1,500,000
Number of Paid Staff: 11 – 20
Number of Volunteers: more than 200
Community Segment: Human Services, Community & Economic Development, Health

Current Board Size: 4-7
Board Meetings (frequency): Monthly
Board Meetings Held: During Day
State where Board Meetings Held: New South Wales
Local Government Area: Central Coast Council

Further information about this vacancy:

Meals on Wheels Central Coast Limited (MOWCC) is the largest Meals on Wheels Service in New South Wales with over 700 aged, frail and disabled clients receiving deliveries of frozen meals. Additional clients regularly attend our five weekly Community Restaurants for a nutritious meal and socialisation.

We receive funding from the Department of Health, and clients are referred to us through  My Aged Care.

To assist with our funding needs, and to defray our reliance on Government Funding, MOWCC has established a number Of For Profit Activities Of :

• Coast Cuisine. A premium frozen food brand.
• Furry Friends. Our pet food range.
• NDIS Meals. Frozen meals to the disabled community.
• Combined Home Services. Our gardening, cleaning and in home services.
• One Direct Advisory. Providing Advisory services to small to medium Not for Profit and Corporate organisations.

All enquiries to:

Dennis Taylor  CEO –  0439 690 416

Adam Crouch MP, Member for Terrigal, Assists with Meal Deliveries

We love it when we have extra hands to help us :

Thanks to Adam Crouch MP, Member for Terrigal, who took time out of his day to help deliver meals today.

Thank you for your help ….. we really appreciate it!

Volunteers Diane and Judy with Adam Crouch MP, Member for Terrigal


Jade (MOWCC) with Adam Crouch MP, Member for Terrigal

Jade (MOWCC) and Diane (MOWCC Volunteer) 


Adam Crouch MP, Member for Terrigal, loading meals ready for delivery


Precautionary Recall of Selected Flagstaff Fine Food Products

Monday 23 September, 2019


Meals on Wheels Central Coast Ltd was advised last Friday by Flagstaff Fine Foods, one of our five frozen meal suppliers, that one ingredient used in their food preparation could possibly be contaminated.

We have used Flagstaff for a number of years and we can assure you that this notification is unusual, and resulted from food ingredients supplied to them by another party being of suspect quality.

Flagstaff Foods in their advice to us state, and I quote, “that they have had zero reports of sickness, illness or clients feeling unwell after consuming this product”. We have been provided with the batch numbers of the suspect meals, which has allowed us to easily identify the specific meals of concern.

We have moved quickly to remove the Flagstaff meals off our shelves and have advised any client that could potentially be affected last Friday, with replacement of any meal necessary.

There have been no deliveries of the suspect Flagstaff Meals following the advice on Friday and we are thankful for the Flagstaff quality control, to detect a potential problem before their meals had been delivered.

If you have not been contacted by our Management, then you can believe that any meal in your freezer was before this recent incident, which is an isolated one, and your meals are safe to eat.

Please be assured that we have the best interests of our clients safety and health in mind, and this is consistent with our corporate values of transparency, responsiveness and with a commitment to enhancing our client’s lives.

If you have concerns about any meals you hold in your freezer, please contact our Chief Executive Officer Dennis Taylor on 4357 8444.

Ron Thomsen, Board Chair


David Mehan MP, Member for The Entrance, Happy to Lend a Helping Hand

Thanks to David Mehan MP, Member for The Entrance, who was happy to lend a helping hand on our meal runs this morning with our dedicated volunteer Mike.

Thanks for your time David, we really appreciated it!

The Future is Looking Bright: Strategic Planning Session held at MOWCC

Thanks to One Direct Advisory Pty Limited who facilitated a Strategic Planning session at our Tuggerah Delivery Centre today. Our Board of Governance and Executive team are grateful for the expertise of this company who will help steer us into the future.

For more information on One Direct Advisory, visit www.onedirectadvisory.com.au or email info@onedirectadvisory.com.au

My Community Project Outcome

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone who voted for our joint application with Kariong Neighbourhood Centre in the My Community Project.

Unfortunately we didn’t quite make the mark this time, but we’d like to extend our congratulations to the winning projects – Umina SLSC Patrol Tractor, Mixed Pathway at Umina Beach, and Phoenix Rising. Congratulations to all!

For more information on the winning projects, click here.

Local MP’s get a taste of volunteering

When it comes to volunteering, Meals on Wheels Central Coast has one of the largest contingents in the region.

These volunteers and the amazing work that they do were celebrated on Wednesday 28 August on National Meals on Wheels Day.

To get a taste of what volunteering is like for the iconic organisation, Liesl Tesch MP, Member for Gosford, and David Harris MP, Member for Wyong, participated in some meal delivery runs out of the Woy Woy outlet and Tuggerah Distribution centre.

David Harris MP, assisted long standing volunteer Mike on his delivery out of Tuggerah, enjoying the opportunity to visit Meals on Wheels Central Coast clients.

“Our community is being well served by the staff and volunteers of Meals on Wheels Central Coast. It’s not just a service that delivers food but also offers opportunities to connect with clients on a social level making sure they’re safe and okay.

“On behalf of the community we particularly thank the volunteers for their hours and dedicated service.” Mr Harris said.

On the Peninsula at Woy Woy, Liesl Tesch MP was kept busy assisting volunteer Alan, who is celebrating his first year with Meals on Wheels Central Coast.

“Being a part of such a great cause and working with volunteers that put their all into delivering meals every day was an honour.

“It’s so rewarding to support Meals on Wheels and deliver food to those who need it most in our community.” Ms Tesch said.

If you would like to volunteer with Meals on Wheels Central Coast and make a difference to your life and to the lives of others, please visit www.ccmow.com.au or call 4357 8444.