Free Christmas Meal for all Meals on Wheels Central Coast Clients

The joy of a Christmas dinner is something that no Meals on Wheels Central Coast client will miss out on this year, with the Central Coast organisation gifting a meal to each of their clients.

Over the weeks leading up to Christmas, the team of Meals on Wheels Central Coast volunteers will start to deliver this special gift to clients across the entire Central Coast.

CEO of Meals on Wheels Central Coast, Dennis Taylor, is thrilled to be able to make this special contribution to the community.

“Christmas time can be hard for a lot of people, both socially and financially,” Mr Taylor said.

“This gift of a meal will assist those who would not otherwise have been able to enjoy a special Christmas dinner this year.

“Our wonderful volunteers also perform wellness checks at every meal delivery, and our clients will be reassured that they are thought of and cared for around Christmas time” Mr Taylor said.

The Christmas Roast Turkey meal will be delivered to over 700 Meals on Wheels Central Coast clients from the beginning of December. Clients will be able to enjoy it when they choose and can place it in the freezer for easy reheating come Christmas Day. This initiative is supported by Meals on Wheels Central Coast’s for-profit arm, One Direct Advisory.

Meals on Wheels Central Coast currently deliver in excess of 16,000 meals to the elderly and People with Disability every month.

CEO Dennis Taylor, with Dave Dunn, Warehouse Team Leader

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