Pork & Veal Main Meals

    Main Pork Meals

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      Quiche Lorraine

      Try this classic and satisfying quiche made with cheese and ham.

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      Bacon & Potato SliceGF

      Layers of potato, vegetables and bacon make up this creamy slice.

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      Asian Style PorkLF

      An Asian inspired pork dish with vegetables and Singapore noodles.

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      Pork, Apple & Cranberry CasseroleGF / LF / LS

      Braised pork cooked with apple and cranberries, served with mixed vegetables

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      Pork in BBQ SauceLF

      Pork cooked in BBQ sauce, served with fried rice and seasonal vegetables

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      Ham Steak & Glazed PineappleGF / LS

      Thick ham steak topped with glazed pineapple and served with mixed vegetables

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      Pork Meatball with Mushroom SauceGF

      Minced pork meatball served with a mushroom sauce, served with roast potato, carrots and beans

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      Honey Pork MeatballsGF / LS

      Lean honey soy pork meatballs in a tomato sauce.  Served with sweet potato, carrot and broccoli

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      Roast Pork, Apple Sauce & GravyGF / LS

      Pork leg roast with apple sauce and gravy and served with seasonal vegetables

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      Pork Sausage CasseroleGF

      Pork sausage casserole with fennel, served with sweet potato and vegetables

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      Ham & Cheese OmeletteGF

      Ham and cheese omelette served with rice. A perfect light meal.

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      BBQ Pulled Pork with Potato GratinGF

      This product should come with a warning …. it is so delicious that you may over induldge and eat it too quickly.

      We suggest you pace yourself and enjoy the deliciousness of the Southern Texas style smoky sauce that makes this BBQ pulled pork so extremely tender. Served with creamy potato gratin and seasonal vegetables, it’s bound to become a favourite of yours, as it is of ours.

      This product is Gluten Free.

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      Roast Pork with Gravy & Baked PotatoGF


      How good is Roast Pork, especially when it’s served with home made gravy and baked potato.

      This product is Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

      Weight: 400gm

    Dietary Key

    LF - Low Fat

    LS - Low Salt

    GF - Gluten Free

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