Vegetarian Main Meals

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      Baked Pumpkin & Spinach RisottoGF / LF

      Creamy baked pumpkin and spinach risotto served with baked baby carrots and peas

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      Spinach Pie

      Spinach and cheese encased in a flaky pastry.

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      Pasta & Vegetable BakeGF

      Penne & seasonal vegetables baked with a creamy Parmesan sauce. This product must be heated in a microwave.  It cannot be heated in an oven.

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      Vegetable & Lentil Cottage PieGF

      Slow cooked lentils and seasonal vegetables topped with mash. This product must be heated in a microwave.  It cannot be heated in an oven.

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      Spring Vegetable RisottoGF

      Creamy risotto with a delicious mix of spring vegetables.  This product is not suitable for heating in an oven.

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      Spinach & Cheese RisottoGF / LF / LS

      Creamy white wine risotto tossed with spinach and shredded cheese, served with seasonal vegetables

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      Vegetarian Cottage PieGF

      Puff pastry pie filled with mixed vegetables and topped with mashed potato

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      Vegetable Pasta BakeLF

      Vegetable pasta baked in a rich tomato sauce.

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      Macaroni CheeseLS

      Macaroni pasta tossed in a cheesy white sauce and topped with cheese, oven baked and served with seasonal vegetables

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      Green Chickpea Curry with Quinoa and Brown Rice

      Aromatic green chickpea curry, topped with pepita seeds, served on a bed of quinoa and brown rice with sides of spinach, broccoli, sugar snap peas and purple cabbage.

      Suitable for Vegans.

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      Mediterranean PolentaGF / LF

      Slow cooked polenta topped with a Mediterranean style sauce of sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms, black olives and cannellini beans.

      Served with broccoli, red capsicum, spinach and topped with a sprinkle of cheese.

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      Split Pea and Lentil DhalLF

      Split peas, red lentils and chickpeas in a spiced tomato sauce with sweet potatoes and spinach, drizzled with mint yoghurt and barberries.

      Served with a wholemeal chapatti.

    Dietary Key

    LF - Low Fat

    LS - Low Salt

    GF - Gluten Free

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